Open Crafting Test Feedback Thread

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Open Crafting Test Feedback Thread

Postby superman0x » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:45 pm

Now that the Open Crafting Test has ended, I would like to give my feedback on both what I perceived as the most common issues, and my opinions about the changes for this test. Lets start with the bad news.

I, personally, encountered two main issues for this test. They are also the same issues I saw discussed the most by other players, so I think I am reasonable in saying that they were common issues for most.

1. Network Connectivity/Lag. During this test it was fairly common to have periods of lag, as well as disconnects. I konw you must be aware of this, and it is something that you are working on... but this global issue tended to many any other small problem, that much bigger. This can easily make what is really a minor problem into something insurmountable, and tends to frustrate all other issues across the board. Improvements here will help with everything else in the game.

2. The main quest line. I know that I was not initially aware of the main quest line, and that following it was both difficult and frustrating many times during this test. I also saw other having similar problem during the test, and questions about this were extremely common. Let me walk through the issues:

a. It is not immediately obvious that formation progression is governed by the main quest line.
b. It is not initially obvious that you have a main quest line, especially if you take other quests right away.
c. Once you realize you have a main quest line, you may not immediately realize that you update it at the Mothership.
d. Quest 4 (where I had my first real issue) is not clear what it is asking you to do, and it is not clear where you are supposed to go to do it. I did later notice that the main quest line had a different '!' but I am not sure if this was the case initially, or updated during the test.
5. Several of the quests could be very frustrating to the player. At one point you have to kill 4 very specific 'Boss' ships from outposts/bases. The way that these were randomized can require a player to grind away for days, just to get the right one to spawn. There was a similar issue with the quest that had you track down and kill 5(?) specific fleets somewhere between two zones. I, personally spent many hours finding the last one, and then trying to engage it in combat (process was made more difficult by constant lag). These quests need to be looked at to bring them more in line with others in the series, so they dont stand out as problems.
6. The order of the quests in the main line should be looked at to make them better fit actual gameplay (minor issue, but while you are there). Generally the first quest after the trial is find a gateway. The next should explore X locations, then complete missions, then kill mobs (in escalating order).

As you can see, the two main issues are fairly general, and are things that you can fix for the next round of testing. Now as to my feedback on what was changed on this test.

1. Crafting. I generally liked the approach of getting defective(broken) gear, taking it apart to learn recopies, and then using the pieces to make the stuff that I want. I found that it was more personal than just waiting for that piece of gear that I want to drop randomly. I do think you will need to improve the distribution of items/parts:
a. It was never really clear who/where I should be looking for specific items/parts. Perhaps you put some of this in the description, as well as make certain factions more likely to drop certain types of items.
b. You could out level items/parts. It was quite possible to miss certain items, and/or get enough of specific parts as you level through an area. You might need these later (especially for improved/new versions) but not get them from your current locations because you have passed the areas where you got them originally.
c. It wasn't always easy to identify new items, or items that you still needed to complete a blueprint. This made it generally better to just deconstruct everything, all of the time, just to be sure.
d. It wasn't always easy to know what parts you could sell, vs what you wanted to keep for items in the future.
e. PP initially seemed to have no value, then appeared to be wasted as you progressed. I would like to suggest that PP limits be doubled (at least), but that PP does not recover over time. Players should only get PP from converting items and/or ships.

2. Hidden Locations. Once I figured these out, I appreciated the addition. However, I never really felt like these were locations that I needed to stop and explore, as I could just as easily get the items elsewhere. Perhaps make the items from these drops not available elsewhere, and only make these locations appear near heavily (NPC) traveled locations.

3. Lots of things that I felt were good additions:
a. New Quests
b. AutoPilot
c. Outposts/Bases
d. Gateways
e. Galaxy Map, UI, Graphic in general
d. Shield changes
e. Likely more that I forgot to mention.

Lastly, I would like to state that I did not get all the way to the core... but that some members of our guild did. At this point they were looking to help others progress more quickly, but didn't have an easy way to do so. It was mentioned that a guild/faction warehouse might a good addition that would allow them to pass items to those that need them.

I might have additional feedback in the future, but I think that this is a good start. Good luck working out the kinks in the game, and I look forward to seeing what you do with the game going forward.

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Re: Open Crafting Test Feedback Thread

Postby jimenc » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:01 pm

Hello devs,

I guess it's time I gave my feedback also. I'll start with what I liked, and then move on to the problems I saw.

1. The new crafting. It's one of the better crafting implementations I've seem.
2. Gateways are great. Very convenient.
3. Lots of quests are good, to keep you busy. Without them, you really don't have anything to do in game.
4. Autopilot is fantastic. Can't imagine we had to fly through multiple solar systems manually.
5. Having abilities at the beginning is great. In prior tests, I saw those boxes, but don't have anything in them. Many of the abilities were very useful.
6. New mouse controls in global map.

Now, some of the issues. Though the features above are great, there are still room for improvements...

1. Even though crafting is great, I agree with sup's that we need a way to determine where to get the components we need. I felt like I was wasting a lot of time just killing pirates for random loot, hoping I get the right components. For instance, I wanted a medium laser. Throughout the whole test, I only got 1. We need a way to be more proactive in getting what we want, instead of depending on luck.
2. Gateways are very useful, so I think there should be lots of quests to find them. Especially early on. It helps progressing much faster.
3. Lots of quests are good. What's better is if those quests gave more than just IGC and Exp. In prior tests, I think the quests gave more rewards. Also, it would be nice if the quest gave pointers on how to fulfill it. E.g. some quests ask for components from miners and screechers. I just didn't know how to get them, so never accepted these. I went back to one of the news articles and found out about salvaging (using a salvaging module). Might have been useful if this was mentioned in the quest.
4. Concerning autopilot, I'm not sure if it's just me. Is auto-pilot engaged when I'm in the global map? It seems while I was looking at the global map, my fleet didn't move. I have to watch the fleet for it to move between systems. Also, it would be nice if there's an indication that autopilot reached it's destination. Sometimes, I see the fleet just sitting there. I don't know if I've arrived or it's just lag.
5. One suggestion I have for abilities is that for enable/disable of passive ability. Especially the 'reduce agro' ability. When I explore the galaxy, I have this ability "installed". But, when I see a pirate I need to kill (due to a quest), it was hell trying to catch it. I was right on top of the pirate fleet and the game wouldn't engage combat. We should be allowed to disable passive abilities.
6. Finally, I'm able to move the view port with a drag and drop instead of mousing to the edge of the screen (in global map). But I noticed this feature isn't available in combat. Why is that? Having to mouse to the edge of screen is annoying. I know some people like it, but there should be an option to use drag and drop, like in global map. And using the arrow keys isn't the same.

Here are some other issues and suggestions:

1. Lag. Yes, I think this needs to improve. Considering the type of game this is, lag is a major problem.
2. Combat controls. We really need a key-binding feature.
3. Combat UI. We need a UI configuration option. The combat status panel is taking a 3rd of my screen. When the pirate ship comes from the bottom, I can't even see it to attack it.
4. Shield changes. I'm on the fence on this one. Now that I know how to rotate the ship, it might be useful. We'll see on the next test.
5. Concerning the hidden locations; I've tried a few of them. But the loot doesn't seem worth the effort. I agree with sup's on this one.
If you want people to stop what they're doing and look for these loot, it has to be worth it.
6. Global map. It might just be my computer (I don't have the greatest graphics card). But the map sometimes wouldn't display the details. I see the system, but the name and the icons above it just disappears (moving the mouse makes it flicker). I have to exit to the main menu and re-enter to fix it ("Continue"). Also, does one of these icons represent a refueling station? Once the system is explored, all information about that system should be indicated on the global map.
7. I noticed that the Vargas rotates to one side when you ask it to attack a pirate. That's a nice feature. Is there a way to specify which side to favor? One side might have better weapons than the other. Having to turn to the wrong side and manually rotating it later seems like a waste of time. A minor issue, but still...
8. Path finding algorithm during combat. I noticed this problem still exist (anyone else seen it?). This is where when you select a few ships in your fleet and move it to a new location. For one of the ships, its destination is blocked by another ship. The path finding algorithm goes crazy trying to find a path to the destination, so the line that is drawn is just flickering all over the place. One acceptable solution is to relocate the destination to a spot that isn't blocked by any ship and is the closest to the selected destination that is the shortest distance from the originating location. For example, if my ship is at location A, and I want to be at location B, but it is blocked by another ship, then the new destination should be location C.

A --------------- - - - - - - - - > C
\-------------> (Blocking Ship) B

Sorry for the bad graphics.
9. Finally, "exploration". I'm not sure if exploring every solar system is necessary. I understand if it was for a quest and to find gateways. But for many systems, there are nothing there. Is it fun to spend at least 5 minutes running around this system? And this is 5 minutes per system. There are hundreds of them. We should only need to explore a system if it has a refueling station or a gateway.

That's it for now. If I think of anything else, I'll add an update.

Overall, I think the game is progressing really well. There are a lot of good new features. Keep up the good work.


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Re: Open Crafting Test Feedback Thread

Postby relampago » Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:00 am

Hello guys! Thank you so much for the feedback, it really helps:)

7. I noticed that the Vargas rotates to one side when you ask it to attack a pirate. That's a nice feature. Is there a way to specify which side to favor? One side might have better weapons than the other. Having to turn to the wrong side and manually rotating it later seems like a waste of time. A minor issue, but still...
It rotates to the side which does more damage, so no worries here;)
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