I just want to say...

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I just want to say...

Postby grayknight » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:18 pm

Hi there all, i just want to say Thank you. I do not mean it in sarcastic way. I mean it in true thankful thanking way :) For a long time i searched for space mmo, competent one. When i herd about starfall i had hopes up but seeing development of some others mmo rts in space i belived that in best case scenario it will be long wait.

And here you are suprising me with what looks like a fast and steady development rate.

I looked for game like starfall for a long time, prehaps since i first played empire at war. I was relentless but in the end unsuccessful. Untill recently, for some reason, most likely thanks too star citizen space sim mmo started to be a thing (a thing that does not want to be get your money evry month, yes i am talking about you EVE!) After checking few things again hearing about great sucess of SC i stumbled upon Starfall but i did not thought much, after all there were few games like that, mmo rts/grand strategy in space that in the end were never made.

Imagine my suprise that this is not only progresing but also doing it fast and steady.

Game looks incredible. It have good graphics and yet resonable system requirements, it is in development and yet alot of materials are available, it also have free to play model that seams to be fair! Not to mention cool factions #deprivedFTW

So i want to say thank you for making this game, i want to say good luck and i am waiting impatiently for the results, if i am lucky i will get key if not then i will play as soon as possible, either way cannot wait for that moment :)

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Re: I just want to say...

Postby relampago » Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:47 am

Hi grayknight, Starfall Tactics' team is happy to see you here!

Sorry for that delay and many thanks for your wishes, we really appreciate your attention - we'll do our best to make Starfall Tactics the game everyone will really enjoy playing. Hope to see you later in game :)

Also, if you have any questions concerning the game/development/etc. - please, feel free to ask away!
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