Advice to any (newer aswell) players trying to get good tech

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Advice to any (newer aswell) players trying to get good tech

Postby tommo » Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:08 pm

I know that's it's coming a bit late and not many people will probably read this before the end of the test but I may have found a quick and easy way to get good tech with minimal losses.

To succesfully complete this feat you will need fast ships that are quite bulky. You will also need a pirate mothership as it contains the best loot. Firstly, attack the mothership and look at the map when you load in. Secondly, you will need to look for yellow icons on the map that look like a box. AVOID THE RED SKULLS, THEY ARE MOTHERSHIPS. Next spawn in your scout ships and go to a group of boxes that are close to a border or are numerous (3+) or are no where near motherships. BEWARY OF MINES. They pose a serious threat to your scouts as they can do serious damage. They have a 3 second timer and have a fairly medium radius (bigger than a web module). Try and send one scout in to set off as many mines as possible which will clear a way for the second scout to collect the loot. Once all the loot is collected fly all your ships to the boundary and escape. If you want to get a REALLY good item you can attempt to destroy a mothership but they are scored and heavily armoured and some have a boarding module. If you have any queries just ask me in this post and my in game name is Tommo so if you see me online just ask :). If you are in Vanguard (like me) check out my house called Wolves
-Tommo :D
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