Regarding missiles

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Regarding missiles

Postby batailleuse » Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:38 am

So ... missiles are not exactly in a great spot right now and im going to give here my view on the subject
  • Hard to slot past tier 1 techs
  • Overall their dmg output is just below average, sure they bypass shields... but you need ammo for them and even an ammo dispenser PER missile boat if your ships even allow such space to even be competitive or youll just run out of ammo before your target is down
also dispenser is ... not WAI it regenerate 5% total ammo but with bigger launcher you get little ammo per ammo pack that the dispenser doesnt even regen any ammo if its less than one exemple Nuclear or Reaper torpedo that have stack of 15, even if i pick 2 pack the dispenser never seem to regen so it would always regen 1 at least
  • They lack variety a lot, theres only one possible mod which is salvo and it adds absolutely nothing except a shiny silver lining and a +1 tech lvl to your missiles card so whats the point to become silver tech +1 compared to original if it adds nothing at all?
i would suggest adding more variant just to be on par with other weapon types
Laser got pulsating/long range/heat
projectile got power/piercing/assault and even corrosive for plasma

so for missiles we could think of

For projectiles version,
• High Explosive deals minimal armor damage but higher hp dmg
• Corrosive deals a small Dot to the armor stackable to 10-20 but minimal hp dmg
• Volatile would do a 25-33% of damage of main target in a 2k radius around target

For Energetic
• EMP bubbles very low hp/hull dmg but huge dmg to shield
• Radioactive energies does low damage but kills big amount of crew when shields are down

I think Missiles need some love regarding their dps

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Re: Regarding missiles

Postby relampago » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:15 am

Thank you for the feedback! Already transfered it to the team member who is responsible for balance stuff ;)
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