First Login Player Report

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First Login Player Report

Postby dasmaeh » Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:53 pm

Hello Guys,

i just did my first two hours inside the game and want to give a quick feedback of the things that came up to me.
There are many minor things and iam not sure if you wish me to create a new topic for each of them, so i decided to communicate inside this report:

At first, the game starts up in window mode with loud audio. As i am always connected to a Teamspeak Community, just pushing down the volume isnt the way to go for me. So i wanted to check up the options menu, but the game forced me to first fill in my account data, choose a faction, create a character and start the tutorial...
Due to still in window mode, i watched at the intro sequence and all the desktop icons and my background picture prevented me to get drawn into the game. Then the UI came up and finally i could enter the options menu. I opened it once, slides the volume down to 70% and the music down to 20% and agreed to fullscreen. Back in game, the music was still too loud, so i opened up the options menu again, but this time it didnt open correclty. It showed me the half transperent background and some word written in pure black on it, but no frames, pictures or buttons to click on, meanwhile the tutorial wasnt on hold and the main game was reacting on my mouse inputs.

As i wasnt able to close this wierd window, i quit the tutorial with the intention to restart it again, but i did not find a way to do it. The tutorial is gone and there seems to be no way to restart it. I gave it a try to create a new character in hope, the game would offer me the tutorial again, but i just got inside the game main menu to arange my fleet.

So i tought: "okay... no tutorial... i will find it out myself... but first: delete the just created second character, cause there is no more use of him". But i couldnt find an option for it. I tried to log out of my character and was again in the character choosing screen. Both characters are there, a button to create a new one, but no delete option.

"Well... okay... nevermind, just start the game". And i had no clue, what the game want me to do at first.
The tactical gameplay is strait forward... killing pirates, gathering loot, mining ressources... controlls where foreseeable, but the strategic map overview is overwhelming to me without any explanation.
I solved the first faction quest to deliver ressources in the way, that i found a colony, that offer support and was requireing support. So i moved their own support over my fleets inventar to their own other window. It worked... but i assume, that its not the intended way?!

I spend the next hour to fight some pirates and explore systems (again a faction quest, wich i didnt finished until now).
And now iam writing this feedback.

Do i like the game? Yeah... quit a bit... but i still have the feeling of playing it wrong.

I hope, that helps you :D

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Re: First Login Player Report

Postby tommo » Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:59 pm

Which facion did you choose, if you chose vanguard you will see me around and I'll help you get the hang of things. Also it still is in pre-alpha so expect a lot of bugs
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Re: First Login Player Report

Postby relampago » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:11 pm

Wow, you can't imagine how these "first two hours" feedback can be useful sometimes, so thank you so much :)

Yes, tutorial are only in basics right now - later we plan to add more helpfull stuff, tips and, perhaps, ability to complete it anytime you want to (in fact, this ability existed in previouse test, but since we had to change many things, we haven't yet had a chance to add something like this). Sorry if it made you feel wrong this time :(
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