Regarding Winter Cup

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Regarding Winter Cup

Postby batailleuse » Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:08 am

so i watched the youtube version because i could watch all of the stream,

First thing, good job to the winners and good job to the devs that bring events to this awesome game.

Now, on another note, one of the first thing i noticed.

across the different matches i saw mostly Eclipse players, we didn't see every match i assume because the YouTube video seems somewhat incomplete.

First Match see

lordofconstructs as Eclipse vs Pbabhuk as Eclipse

Both laser builds <Mostly except that gauss shis pbabhuk used>

Second match we see is an insta win screen

Kcalb as Deprived vs srpjaro as Eclipse

cant see anything of what happened so i cant comment

Third match

Sheepnator as Eclipse vs Hennek as eclipse

Fourth match

diehard25 as eclipse vs dragoninferno as vanguard

weird to see diehard25 loose when he is the actual top tier in ranked on live Alpha <by a large amount of points>

Last match we see is a rematch of diehard vs inferno without race change

So now ... over the whole matches combined we have

6 Eclipse, 1 vanguard, 1 deprived

and its pretty much as i predicted at last alpha, Eclipse with laser build all over the place, and resume pretty well all the observations i made since last alpha and i hope devs will looks into balancing a bit more thoroughly

- Faction balance
- lack of faction uniqueness
- Laser being right now too powerful
- Lack of efficient shield Regen to better counter laser <laser could be ok as is if shield regen was actually relevant>
- Missiles weapon being too weak compared to both alternative

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Re: Regarding Winter Cup

Postby relampago » Sat Jan 28, 2017 3:57 pm

Hey, thank you for watching and feedback! Unfortunately, you saw only the beginning, as the other part didn't save for some reasons ( Let's hope it works today :)
I'm watching you!

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