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About Houses and Forum Rules

Postby relampago » Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:48 am

Greetings, Commanders! This topic is created to let you know a little about Houses in Starfall Tactics. So let's start over:

What is a House?
Faction Wars features a massive conflict between three rival factions - Eclipse, Deprived and Vanguard. Battles for territories, ambushing enemy fleets, robbing freighters and colonies - while you can do most of this on your own, the whole situation can't turn to your side if you are a lone fighter.

That's why each faction has smaller organizations within it called "Houses" - associations of Commanders who share the same goals and are ready to fight in closer cooperation with each other. People in these Houses also spend a lot of time together, side by side, which makes them one big family cherishing its prestige and common goals. Reputation of each member directly influences reputation of the whole House - it can take more or less actions in Faction Wars, including ability to capture new systems and attack enemy territories or upgrade existing structures. Houses aim not only to complete their personal goals, but to gain more benefits for their faction - and here comes their main distinction from factionless guilds.

How can I establish my own House?
Just go to you mothership, visit "House" page and push "Create a House". Choose a name visely, as there is you won't be able to change it.

How can I join a House?
Someone should invite you - the best way is to find a recruiting topic, shout in a Faction chat or ask a freind if he already is in a House ;) When someone invites you, you should go to the Faction menu and accept this invite.

Have any other questions about Houses? Ask it here!
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