[ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

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[ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

Postby diehard25 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:44 am

(Sorry for mispelled words and syntax errors, English isn't my native language. Russian version of this guide you can find in Guides and Strategies.)

Discord channel about Eclipse

Good day, Admirals!

Eclipse Corp is greetings to You in our High Fleet University)

Today we will study a ways to handle with such great tool as Eclipse fleet. Our Engineers did all they can to make such tactically agile and powerful ships in your hands.

Sit down, please. Take a rest) The journey begins...

p.s. all text above is my humble opinion of using Eclipse fleet in PvP and PvE matches

What we have at the beginning?

If Player decided to create his first fleet as Eclipse, he will receive very agile and median fleet without much perfection in armor or shields. Eclipse ships are all median in that hand. They can successfully handle an rocket fits, laser fits and cannons fits without much disbalance in some of them.

First roster consist of 2 Logan, 1 Eureca, 2 Eagle and 2 Hope. Also, You will receive a base roster of Blueprints, which is wide in all roles and can successfully handle any situation on battlefield. Any long range guns at the beginning don't avaliable, just a simple roster. In future Eclipse will progress with such a weapons, and will be very powerful in comparision to classmates of other factions.

Let's go)

First and must important task to your fleet must be farm of IGC and attraction of new Blueprints to your roster. Higher priority is to receive new weapons and weapon Blueprints. Best way to do this - play PvE mode Survival. Much fun and lot of IGC :)

You can make an another Eclipse fleet to PvE sessions (because the PvE roster would be some different from PvP. The higher progression with BP - more the difference in rosters)

Max cap to PvE mode - 50 ships in fleet, with no limits to points. Max wave - 40 (maybe, would be raise in future)
No win in Survival allowed)

First run can be made with stock fleet. You can easily handle 2-3 wave, with some skill - 5-6 waves, with some luck - 8-9 waves)

Main task in all battles - point control. More point You can control == more Warp-Points You can recieve == more ships You can involve in battle

Second important moment in Survival - DO NOT UPGRADE THE POINTS! Really, enemy won't attack them, if the wouldn't be upgraded) Just a tip)

I prefer to use one frigate, with Shift make his course to capture all points.

There is one tip tacticks with missiles fits. You can succesfully handle about 9-10 wave with single missile-fitted ship) Eureca is example of this, I've already posted a proof of that words)

Next post i will talk about ships and preferred fits to me. Stay tuned)

Thanks for reading!
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Re: [ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

Postby diehard25 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:09 am

--Update 1

So, I will try as much as possible in detail to present their vision of fits on the battlefield. Let's start with the general classification of weapons

The game has the following types of weapons:

Cannons - they are the same guns, they also Gauss) The point is not essential, most importantly - a bullet in the adversary solid shell with different fillings.
And it is very important to understand that by filling and types of guns can greatly affect the outcome of the battle.

General tips
- Guns shells are finite (yes, in the fit must be provided ammunition units, the benefit they take up little space, and quite roomy, but still)
- Shells ignore the shields (with some exceptions), and dealing damage immediately armor (again, with a few exceptions)
- shells at maximum range subject to scatter. The closer to the maximum shooting distance and the more active maneuvering target, the less chance to put the entire salvo (or volley) a target

Now specifically)

Basic blueprints Eclipse contain 2 kinds of guns. This so-called energy blasters and conventional autocannon. The difference between them
- autocannons consume ammo and ignore the shields, and the damage done to the armor of the structure and lower than the blasters
- blasters - unlimited ammo, but are partially absorbed by the shields, while damage to the armor and structure have no restrictions.
In general, the difference is not as significant a matter of choice player, but blasters have a significantly higher demands to energy capacity (EC) in fits than autocannons. This difference will only increase in the future in these branches of arms.

We have blasters EMP modification with a slightly lower EC and firing range, but much greater damage to shields and smaller one - to body and armor. An excellent choice for opponents who like the shields)
It is also especially important modification - blaster-shotgun (or spread blaster). It has the usual and EMP modification. Excellent showing himself against dense groups of small ships, or the exchange of broadsides to focus on large ships.
Of the minuses - battery size (3x1) and high demands on the EC of the ship.

In autocannon depending on the size there is a wide range of modifications, from armor-piercing (there is a chance to ignore armor and cause damage to the structure) and ending armor melting (with increased armor damage, reduced structure). Here the principle - that is available for use, and will use)
My opinion - the best armor-piercing option allows you to quickly bring down the gun batteries and internal modules of the enemy ships.
Assault options - good during close use, have an increased DPS due to the greater of number of shells in a salvo, but also increased the spread on the medium-long distances.
Armor-melter-option - good in the case of armored purpose-tank that actively treated (read - an excellent PvP version)

Apart from the main group spaced artillery and Gauss Cannons)
Met 3 different Gauss guns in the game, and each is worth looking more:
- The usual Gauss (can be selected at the 3rd level of the fleet, 2 units of weapons without BP). Excellent range and alpha-damage, luxury speed projectile flight and accuracy. Of the minuses - long CoolDown (18 seconds), the size of battery (2x4)
- Reinforced Gauss (caught BP, most likely,would be very rare) - as well as the usual Gauss, but with greater alpha-damage and EC demands. Damage shields) Everything Else - unchanged.
- Auto-gauss (PvE will see it on the enemy Bishops, beginning with the 7th wave) - as well as the usual gauss, but the pounding bursts. Less alpha and range, faster CD (12 seconds), nice size (2x3)

Artillery blasters
- Size 2x3 - wide applicability
- Range of fire - 14k - impressive)
- Cd - 8 sec - gorgeous)
- I do not need ammunition (sic!)
Of the minuses - to the installed power requirements (normal blaster - EC = 389, EMP - EC = 359)
Modification - EMP - great for shields handling. Normal blaster - almost never used, has no distinct advantage is to put, if there is no longer anything of the art weaponry)

To be continued...
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Re: [ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

Postby diehard25 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:30 am

Lasers - Simple flow of coherent radiation, designed to burn the heart and obscene words on the armor of enemy ships) is also perfectly suited to ignite the enemy chairs (some versions)

Let's go)

General provisions:
- Extremely low damage shields
- Do not require ammunition
- Have a huge bonus to damage the armor and body.
- Perfect targeting

At the beginning of a small selection. The usual laser (1x2, range 5.5k, CD 5 seconds, DPS under 30) and a small laser (1x1, range 4.5k, DPS under 12). An excellent choice for Raiders and small ships. In a large numbers (8 or more) burn out all that is careless enough to lose shields. Cheap and cheerful) Damage to shields is low

Pulsars (or pulse lasers) - higher rate of fire with lower alpha. Suitable confrontations in small ships where important shoot faster than your opponent starts to recover shield.

Heavy Lasers and their varieties.
1. Average laser (1x3, range 8k) - an excellent choice for Battlecruiser or Battleship, and Dreadnought. Pros - good alpha, low CD (for this class of weapons), deals damage shield (small, but still). Of the minuses - EC demands)
There are HEAT modification, but, unfortunately, not seen. The information is not present.
2. Laser Artillery (2x3, range 17k) - also known as HEAT modification of conventional heavy laser
This is another story) The bottom line is that a beam of something continuous) No, actually discontinuous, but while there is a drive discharge, and it is about 10-12 seconds, every second is applied around 300 damage (of which 175 armor), in including shields) Battery of 3 lasers to cut Battlecruiser for 5-7 seconds) of the minuses - lights need targets - again, it is necessary to watch, that ally is not shied away between the laser and the target - two. So he installed power EC (under 400)
For laser feats - the only available modification artillery.
3. Phase Laser
And this, my dear, the apogee of laser technologies) if you have it BP - the rest you do not need to (well, except that the art laser leave). The bottom line is the full ignore targets armor (with the shield damage miserable, yes). If the words of the enemy in a bunch of EMP + phantoms, the guaranteed death occurring within 10-12 seconds). It has a nice size (2x2, the range specified), Acceptable power capacity (about 250) and the extremely high price (above 800 IGC). But it's worth it) hardened enemy tank chair of loss with an over 6k armor for 10 seconds - is priceless)
4. Spear Wrath - do not personally met in the game, the information on it is not enough) on subjective observations, similar to an enhanced version of the heavy laser

As sub-mod, air defense unit (shoots lasers)
Excellent opposes the missile-torpedo attacks, attempts of boarding and is used in clearing minefields) Must have any fits, especially in PvP.

To be continued...
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Re: [ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

Postby diehard25 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:56 am

Missiles and torpedo arms - is very specific and effective when used correctly.

General tips

- Ignore the shields (except the energy of torpedoes and missiles)
- Ignore the obstacles in the form of asteroid fields (sic!)(in some rare cases - not)
- Cause serious damage in a salvo
- It is necessary to monitor the flow of ammunition (updated for a long time, spent quickly)
- Is extremely difficult to dodge a volley
- Long missile flight to the target, especially with the extreme distances
- For each and every sector of fire units - 360 degrees.
- Is almost impossible to shoot an ally

So, what we have here:

Swarm-missile (2x2, range 6k, moderate damage with volleys and good DPS). Available initially. Of the minuses - a small applicability (only in the case of Eureka initial fit), and a long time of missiles to the target.

Mini swarm (2x1, range 5.5k, little damage to the volley, good DPS due to the rapid CD). It is used on the Raiders and against small ships due to the very high speed projectile flight.

Hurricanes (4x2 size, range 8k, great damage with volleys and good DPS). An excellent choice for rocket barges. Average time of approach. Range 8k to allow effectively evade enemy return fire. Confident workhorse, but in advanced hulls.

Torpedoes - the size of 2x4, in the range of 14k, CD 10 sec, 2 torpedo salvo, good alpha (under 200 units), 1 unit of ammunition containing 10 torpedoes. The artillery with engines. Of the minuses - a small applicability and low DPS due to a long CD, and fly slowly, and as a result, are vulnerable to enemy air defenses. Also, do not pose a risk for lung-type frigate (you can run easily)

Photon missile (3x2 size range of under 10k, good damage shields). Virtually immune to the defense do not require ammunition) Dodge is difficult, despite the slow flight speed. In PvE found on the same Bishop.

Photon torpedoes - 3x3, any other data specified.

In general, the rocket modules seen little in the game, maybe the situation will recover with the release of the Codex and in the future.

To be continued...
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Re: [ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

Postby diehard25 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:11 am

-- Update 2. Hulls and battle Roles

So at this point we have considered the main points on the ship armament, got a few references to this post on the role of ships in the battle, and came to the realization that most of the described arms will not fit into standard hulls.

Let us consider a system of hulls in the game.

The first time, when you create a fleet of any faction, the player receives a base fleet. The most important thing - the hull that are in the core fleet added as blueprints, i.e. if desired, the player can create any number of copies of the hull.

According to information from reputable developers, system enclosures classified only approximately, ie is not expected to use highly specialized hulls in combat, and even more so - is welcome.

I'll note again - Underwritten system is only a rough classification, no one forbids the player to use the body in any other role except the aforesaid.

The main modifications:

Standard - the base hull, which is issued when creating the fleet. Armor - the standard.
Long Range - hull, ground under artillery armament (typically with large cannon slots of different types). Armor - is approximately equal to the standard.
Close Range - hull for close combat (a larger number of small cannon slots, enhanced armor and structure in base)
Special operations - as a rule, the case with a large engineering bay and enhanced EC. Armor slightly below standart.
Stealth - a lightweight hull, with small and medium-sized cannon slots compartment, low armor, but the increased speed and maneuverability.

So, we finished with a rough classification) Now there is "grade" classification (from regular to rare hulls). I understand that at the moment it is still in development, so while waiting for news and information about it. These include a unique body (for pirate type heroic etc.)

In general, and generally, the role in combat vengeance following:

- Raider scout
The main task - to capture and hold points, enemy lights for art ships, support ships assault, reconnaissance of the enemy fleet disposition.
As a general rule, be equipped with different modules, dirty dog ​​(stealth, plasma-Web, Web-EMP, disabling shields and engines, mines, etc.).
The role is very broad, get into it and mine layer, and stealth reconnaissance and attack aircraft-debaffery and kamikaze - subsections can be a lot. Basic principles - cause damage and leave until reply not arrived, show the enemy fleet and go unnoticed, grab the point and resist the enemy raiders in the fight for points, helping other allied ships, when more direct problems remained.
The main requirements for the role - speed, maneuverability, engineering bay, armor, weapons, (in priority, from important to unimportant).

Let me explain in more detail.

Raider - this is the first ship that warp on the battlefield. It should be cheaper by TP fast as possible - is invisible, must have one or two agents enemy raiders confrontation and (most important and complex) should be able to capture, retain and, if unable to do the first two points, repelling back point. It sounds complicated and scary, I know. But this is a subjective reality, which is achievable)

As practice shows, if the PvP player lost the fight for the points he lost the entire fight. The rare exceptions - only confirm the rule)

In PvE requirements for the Raiders, at this stage, much lower. Only quickly capture points and not die at the same time)

About Raiders options in PvP will write a separate topic, about PvE can we say - in the survival raider may be a frigate with engines and empty body, his task - to quickly grab all the points and magically to ram the enemy ship at full scab (for more damage, yes).

In general, as a brief summary of the entire class raider, say so. These are your eyes and ears, this is a pain in the fifth point of the enemy, it is an opportunity to understand the picture of the battlefield at a time when the trays have not even understand what is happening ... Properly designed raider - a 50% guarantee of victory, do not be afraid of these words)
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Re: [ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

Postby diehard25 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:25 am

Next in importance and priority for the battle role entry


Starting from simple gunboat to large, hulking battleships. Everything depends on the size and weapons)

Main tasks - fire support Raiders scouts. Bole addition, without them there is no sense in the art ships (with a few exceptions, of them separately). In addition to fire support, the art ships designed for long-term siege points (if the player has made her the enemy, and he was able to capture and reinforce the point), for a linear battlefield with heavy enemy fleet, and, most importantly, painless for the siege of the enemy base.

Gunship - essentially snipers. They are working on someone else's lit up, often a direct confrontation with a classmate for them - a certain death. But, at the same time, they play a very important role in the battle. Their presence and competent work on the battlefield enemy force to reckon with you, and for applications where only one raider, he is forced to devote a cover in the form of a tank, or to make a sortie to attack the art ship. In other words, work of art ship catches forces and the enemy's attention, that in the condition of a limited of number of points provides a local advantage on the battlefield.

The main requirements for the ships of art - gun slots, engine compartment engineering, armor (again, the priority of importance to the matter).

The main tactics - inflict damage from a distance, maximum damage! Do not allow the enemy to approach for a retaliatory shot - or destroy the enemy on the way, or simply to escape. If this is the main attack - to calculate the direction and take a stand for harassing fire in flank or rear. If a counter-attack - then wait for the turn of the enemy, and take the following position as a cover for raiders.

The most difficult thing - to realize this fit art ship that can play in a sniper, and can take a part of the linear fight on equal terms with assault ships. This talk separately)

In PvE art ships play an important role - with protection tactics points when they light up the enemy, you need to quickly withdraw their snipers in the distance a fire and most effectively to realize the damage on the enemy.

Next on the importance of the role:

Assault - he's a tank on battlefield. This is your mobile billboard is the hub of attention to enemy gun ships, this is - a means of forcing the enemy defense and damage control. This ship created to maximize the confrontation all types of damage that can be met on the battlefield. This tank shall be able to overcome and be able to point under fire art vessels, to resist raiders, and other tanks, and most importantly, as long as possible to live under enemy fire.

Assault ship following points are important - armor, shields, housing, engineering compartment, gun compartments, engines (in order of priority, from the important to the unimportant).
Armor - everything is clear, shields - especially, structure - with an eye on the weapon that ignores armor and shields. Well this role is performed by Dreadnoughts.

In PvE role of attack aircraft it is not so important. It fulfills this role perfectly base itself. The absence of such a ship to the roster for PvE battles - is not critical. Crucially, if there is no understanding of the role of such a ship in PvP combat. There is no one to absorb damage from the enemy, there is no one to lead the decisive attack on the enemy base

To be continued...
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Re: [ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

Postby diehard25 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:42 am

Before further description of fits I would like to shed light on the special modules that are already in the game. Without an understanding of their use and can not be any effective game in PVE and in especially PVP.

Thus, the general provisions
- Modules are located only in the engineering bay of the ship
- Impact on the fight is difficult to underestimate. Often modules timely application allows you to turn defeat into victory.
- Role-playing, some of the modules allows the most complete to regain the role on the battlefield
- Many of the modules are designed to compensate for the shortcomings of feats pronounced (read - "ace in the hole")

Thus, the description of what it was at the time of the test:

- Repair-Drone and Repair-Team - is extremely useful in all forms) allows to repair vessels without using valuable Warp Points. Dimensions 2x3 and 2x5 respectively. The latter is not available in the form of PD (and correctly, otherwise turn out too thick)
- Adv Sensors - 1x3 size, can extend the review for 20 sec, 30 sec CD. Useful to detect enemy stealth ships and for the implementation of firepower art ships. Hard to apply to light vehicles due to the nature of the size
- Target focus - increases chance to ignore armor for guns. Subjectively, it does not work with lasers and missiles (and sorry ...). CD and 15 seconds, lasting for 15 seconds. The exact increase is unknown chance.
- Plasma-Web and EMP-Web - puts for 15 seconds cloud of superheated plasma, which is applied sickly damage (EMP option - almost instantly to cut the shield). Cooldown 45 seconds. It is very effective in bringing down the points and against heavy and slow enemy ships.
- Jump Drive and the Naval Jump Drive - jump to a distance of up to 8k with the reorientation of the ship (if needed). The jump takes 3-5 seconds. Cd 45 seconds, naval - are not met, I will not say for sure. It is useful in all fits, you can either quickly fall down from a fight, or go into a dead zone of the opponent.
- Boarding - allows you to capture an enemy ship. Details are in the news. Usefulness - situational. No body damage guaranteed to capture the Dreadnought can use at least 5 units, to be sure 6. Long CD 145 seconds.
- Stealth - the ship is invisible until you shoot or misses the action of sensors or sensor station area (or until the ship will drive the enemy into it :)). Extremely useful module.
- Turn off the engine - is not met, but the utility is clearly high.
- Disable shield - is not met, but the utility is extremely high against tanks with shields.
- Self Destruct - is not met, but the utility is clearly situational. Damage depends on the available power of the ship, so the fleet of cheap kamikaze ships we ordered) Stupidly shells is not enough :)
- Decoy Module - is not met, but it should be very useful when capturing points for shooting down enemy with a brain and seize the initiative in their own hands.
- Touch Recon drone - as well as sensor and provides an overview of anti-stealth) is hung up on a point or on an enemy ship (with some luck you can hang on the enemy base and keep abreast of all the movements of the enemy on the stage of the warp)
The game did not personally met, but Manny has a great video about this module)
- Antisensor - suitable as an addition to stealth. The game is not met, the information on the forum is almost no (except news)
- Fitting Scanner - the game is not met, the utility - situational questionable. Is that its application will not throw off the stealth, while the utility is extremely high - filigree feats before the clash stealth raider, and have a head start in 10-15 seconds to think about an adequate response ... priceless)

Spetsmoduli can realize some roles more fully, and on it will be discussed further.

1. Raiders Eagle and Hope

Excellent, fast and cheap frigates, the drain with a good shield and a great maneuverability. Ramming is contraindicated)

The best engineering bay - Hope, an Eagle - 2 2x2 gun bays.

Hence their role is transformed as follows:

Hope - great raider to shoot down points) If you have a plasma or the web-EMP-web, it fited in Hope, as the most powerful engines and manevrous engines. Armed can be sacrificed for the sake of speed and survivability (instead of 6 small lasers should leave 2, and the rest - under armor modules).

Tactics - rush to seize, take a point) if to us with flies one or more (even better) Raiders opponent tear on engines with afterburner point, passing hanging on her plasma-web. We fly away far enough to have time to recharge the unit and back to the point. Then we start spamming webs directly into the zone of the point. If the opponent has built an improvement, on the 3rd using is over :) If the enemy has decided to bring down the counter-raider, then led away our Hope under the cover of Eagle, simultaneously putting in Web zone passage of enemy raiders.

Eagle - gun frigate in the anti-raider. Maximum DPS-WIDE weapons available to the player, with a view to armor and shield ignoring (explain - if you have AP-mod that have a chance to ignore armor, put them). Blasters in the Eagle - the same version, but the sacrifice of the shield (the shield and 4 additional blaster is not Plug, unfortunately). Engineering bay fill armor and shields. In principle, it is possible to put the engine is not very steep, in favor of the armor - native capacity is enough for the eye to catch up with the subject of the foe. The main task and role - the anti-raider capture of enemy raiders and sawing.

The cost of the two frigates should not exceed 1k TP. This will allow them to enter the field of battle is situational.
Let me explain in more detail.

If in the course of the struggle for the point you see that the enemy brought the battle three raider (point by point on the map can be seen), then at least 1-2 minutes of it without Warp Point (he will try as quickly as possible to improve the point, which is 500 on the each point). At the same time you have in your pocket 2k (if entered raider 1) or 1k (if entered Hope and Eagle immediately and decided to pick up a guaranteed one point). That is, you have the advantage of choosing the next ship of the middle class of about 2 - 2.5k VP, and it may already be a gunship that radically complicate the life of the enemy at this point. For, with the introduction of the art of the ship, having assets raider 1 or 2, you can proceed to the siege of the captured point, and within 20-30 seconds, pick her up, while the enemy is still only just entered into combat serious ship, or will throw in a suicide attack for the defense point.

It is supposed to have a roster of Hope 2 and 2 Eagle. Total spending on the fleet - 4k Tech Points.

Heavily required for this tactic to get a web-module, or mines. principle - the attack on the areas. For these Raiders are not so important Stealth, a the speed and efficiency of attack..

Come on further...
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Re: [ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

Postby diehard25 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:02 am

So, we come to the most important part of the roster - Middle-ships

I call them the workhorses) It's fits in the range of 2.5 to 3.5k Tech Points, is our line fighters and ships, with which you will spend more than 70% of the time in combat) They - legionnaires your fleets)

Approach to their design thoughtfully, inefficiency in this respect would jeopardize the possibility of survival in PvP against experienced opponents and pumped.

I make a reservation - my tactics for the stock hulls just the way I used them during the 3 days of alpha-test) Continued - after the next stage)

So there you go ... more

In the Middle-segment, we have 2 hulls - Logan and Eureka, the sword and shield)

Seriously, it looks just gorgeous, and the location of the battery slots, and clearly indicate their role. So, we present our version of Marvel Wolverine (aka Logan, right;)) in the stock hull.

Almost the first booster I immediately fell 2 art tools - Blaster Artillery and its EMP modification. As I was happy when I realized that they are can be fitted in the board slots Logan ... .
How I was dissapointed, when I realized that there can only put one battery - Logan EC 700 points, against 356 in the requirements at EMP blaster ...

So, the first art fit Logan (Logan-1)

On one side put the EMP-Art-Blaster, the second - Autocannons (6 pieces 1x1 each). Typical blasters intermeddle not have to do so. The laser slot - 2 mid-lazers and armor 2x1. Engines - maximum maneuverability (Violets 2 2x2 + 4 1x1). Engineers compartment - 2 modules on ammunition and regenerators 2 boards and the rest in armor and shields evenly. Get one-armed Wolverine, one that left out (long arm) sits down to 14k and kills Shield with 2-3 salvos, and on the other, a short hand - can greatly give teeth away volley 6k total of 6 Ac and 2 lasers. This quickly turns) Shield 2k, area armor - in the 3k area regeneration - +7.5 (approximately). The cost of the TP - 3.3k
I must say - a choice in favor of EMP was made after the test of the race with the usual art-blasts. Well, even kill, but EMP more accurate ...

In PvE he showed himself very effectively. Both Logan in this fits I lived a long time in PvE fleet. Among the new modules to it becoming just the EMP-Art-blasts.
It is an effective fitness)

The second art fit of Logan (Logan-2)

In PvP my Logan-1 fit was run with varying degrees of success. The fact that the enemy had time to dodge the long arm somehow easy, or something ... As a result, there was PvP feat Logan-2 (the same body - Stock)

Opening 4 booster HEAT Large Laser allowed to do the impossible) in the front-line slot has registered Art-Laser, board received 6 Ac ammunition was brought to 6 units, regenerators were removed (not incurred TA), and replaced with the armor. The result - the Main Gun with a distance of defeat in the 17k, the auxiliary gauge as Ac 12 in front of the projection on the 6k distance BK 1200 rounds (30 seconds of the fight;)) Armor became a 3.5k, 2k shield remained in the area of ​​regeneration - the infamous 1.5 units. Price graphite 3.6k TP.

In general, these fits have registered in my various fleets (PvE and PvP, respectively). In PvP Logan-2 has proven itself perfectly: support the goal was simply gorgeous, the laser quickly unscrews) The roster of the ship 3, the total price - just over 10.5k. This - the backbone of my fleet, the strength and the power of HEAT technology interaction with raiders backlight on the battlefield) You can cut out targets at a distance, you can go on the attack, it is possible by undoing Dreadnought quickly absorb little damage ... In general, it turned out a kind of middling, and fine manifesting itself in all roles.

Eureka and suffering in PvP

At Eureka it was immediately decided - leave in the effluent, only a little change engine configuration to better maneurity. Result PvE is somewhere in the forum)

In high spirits feat I decided not to reconsider and include it in PvP fleet intact ... cruel disappointment, but ...
Raiders of the enemy fled before produced a third 2x2 swarm volley. In the linear battle Eureka lived about 12 seconds, and then it just died beautifully (opponent Focus rocket ships, they are often weaker armor and shields)

In general, the suffering was before the opening mini-swarm (2x1) Eureka immediately received the status of Anti-Raider. From PvP feats retired both Eagle, and their place was taken by single Eureka. Fit 8 mini swarm burst any enemy raider with 2nd volleys. Escape was impossible) Players even wrote, what kind of missiles do you cheat? :)
BK - 4 modules, engines - the rate of the rest on the shields and armor. Some turned out under 1.5 to armor, shields 1.2k, 5 regeneration (one regenerators stuck to not be afraid of the crowd laser Raiders). The total cost - exactly 1986 TP (My year of birth, yeah!)

A more efficient use of housing stock Eureka is not met.

At the end of the post on the roster runoff buildings consists of 2 Hopes price for 1k each exactly 1 Eureka 1986 TP, and 3 with a total of Logan TA 10.5k

Total roaster in 14.5k TP. I need a very Assault) We can fight for the points, can support service of our Raiders and somehow participate in the linear collision) really needed a tank ...

To be continued...
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Re: [ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

Postby diehard25 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:28 am

Continued ...

So, our PvP roster at the time of writing this post was 14.5K TP.

Ships, adopted in PvE roster:
- 3 x Logan-1 (with the EMP-Art-Blast)
- 1 x Eureka-stock (slightly modified for better maneuverability)
- 2 x Hope (HOPE) in the version Plasma-Web-Spammer (for support of linear forces and highlighting enemies for artillery ships)
- 2 x Eagle in the version anti-raider (not used widely, but it was a pity to sell)

Vessels included in the PvP roster:
- 3 x Logan-2 (with HEAT Laser)
- 1 x Eureka anti-raider (with 8 mini-swarm)
- 2 x Hope in the version EMP-Web-Spammer (opt EMP caused by the presence of HEAT artillery, it is important to quickly deprive purpose boards and substitute a blow HEAT lasers)

Selecting Assault was rather painful) thing is that in the 5th or 6th booster I fell just two dreadnought - Piligrim and Premiere. Brief description of beauties:


The case, which I got, had a 3x2 board slots under the gun under the front 2x6 lasers. engines 2 2x3, 4x6 Engineers bay. More like a spec-opes body, not exactly sure. Big minus the series Pilgrim - firing sector on board batteries do not intersect. Very sad, but ...


The resulting body clearly indicates the role of the artillery. Judge for yourself - on-board battery Lasers 4x4, front-line - no (the on-board fire sector intersects a 15-degree range strictly on the nose of the ship), the Engineering section - 6x6 Engines - 2 2x2.

After a couple of hours hovering in the Editor ships became painful choice - get one Assault based Premiere worth 5.5k, or try to do 2 very cheap at Pilgrim 2.7k each. As a result of the running test to obtain the following:

1. Premier version of the tank-artillery (2 Laser + HEAT 4 mid-pulsar pulsar + 4 small), the most maneuverable engines + 8 regenerators and armor, as will fit. Price graphite - 5.4k TA. Armor - a 5.5k, panels - 2k, regeneration - 19. The result was a kind of artillery barge that can withstand massive fire for quite a long time, and still successfully snap. Running in PvE is successful, the Navy remained in PvE as a standard Dreadnought. In the future, when you open the other modules in this feat at the expense of armor fit air defense system (for better standoff missile cruisers and torpedo Dreadnought) and Jump Drive (to compensate for the slowness and emergency evacuation in case of need).

2. Premier in the embodiment of pure assault (8 phase lasers, the regenerators - 2 pieces, no longer climbed on EC, maximum armor and shields with the top Target TA in 5.5k). Jump Drive just stay out of the modules. This fit - direct evolution of artillery option. The resulting monster was able to 2 volleys vipe out a Battlecruiser without shields. That's just the dynamics of it - it's just hard ...

In PvE, both of these fits have shown themselves perfectly in all respects) Perfectly concentrated on an enemy attention, survive long enough in this case managed to inflict damage on a kiloton goals. The high cost was compensated by efficiency on the battlefield and versatility. And if the first option graphite premiere showed himself extremely effective at all ranges of combat, the melee option (phantoms) - just gorgeous cut all life (when the "living creatures" lost shields) in seconds.

Full Time left both options in PvE fleet. First it tried to enter the phantom modification at higher wavelengths (after 20 minutes) the number of dreadnoughts and Battleship enemy just rolls over, and we had to quickly disable them. On Tactics PvE high waves write somehow separately) Go tell - has used phantom lasers in conjunction with grappling and EMP modules, but more on that later ...

In PvP fleet did not even include. I understood that collect 5.5k WP in PvP - is from the category of fiction.

Main Pilgrim DD PvP

Thus, the most interesting part of the guide)

Pilgrim - a very versatile DD. He is quick, the maneuverability on his level, Battleship, and the vitality of the effluent (2k structure 2k armor, shields 0.7k) allow a lot of space aside for the payload, not much bothered with increased protection. And of slide slots are allowed to lay good quality Raider in the DD.
So, the first trial fit Pilgrim PvP.

At the time of the first fit it was available only a minimal set of weapons. In the 2nd booster, I already got 2 rocket BP (torpedoes and photon torpedoes 4x2 3x3) module was not available ... anything

The on-board battery has registered 6 AC (1x1 each), in the front slot - 4 mid-pulsar and 4 ammunition unit for AK. Engines - Violets 2 2x2 and 4 1x1. Engineering bay - 2 supply unit for AC, shields and armor, to bring TA to 2.7k. No modules.
The result - 3.3k armor, shields 2.5k, regeneration - Stock in 3 units. Price to 2.7k.

Running demonstrated extraordinary vitality of the fit. The possibility to introduce a fast DD beginning of the battle, and is guaranteed to take 2 points, until the enemy is shocked by such impudence, unusually delivers (the first fly up on a par with the Raiders opponent brings them within 10 seconds if you do not try to escape, and if they do not maneuver - do not hesitate to ram frigates, we did not even scratch for a second, as a rule, already occupied and reinforced the point fly safely and stupidly goes airborne attack Turns ship by 35-40 degrees with respect to the objectives, read -.. If we put a diamond point improvement. - Warp, then sawed it for 15-20 seconds, then calmly pick it If the battle station, the drone rep-call from the Base and vipe out point for 25-30 seconds, even if the opponent is sent to cover a Raiders or cruisers)..
In the future, at the expense of armor, this fit recived Rep-Drone module 800 to save the WP on the first repair. In fact, during the 3-4 minutes from the start of the battle the enemy can not do anything to oppose you, and this opportunity should be used as much as possible in the fight for points.

Guaranteed pick up 2 points, the third - if I can timings. Landmark - 3.5 minutes on the opponent may have to enter your DD, with whom we butt strictly contraindicated without cover art ships - BC is not enough.

Ammunition for AC is new enough for 30 seconds of active combat to both sides, and 60 - for one board fire. Even with an empty BC this feat keeps your teeth in the form of lasers with a pleasant sector (under 100 degrees) Frontal battery.

In the future, in the development of the tactics, the usual AK were replaced with armor piercing mod from modules was added "Focus on target" and Rep-Drone, also reduced the number of ammunition up to 4 units to 2 regenerators and lasers-were replaced by the pulsar customary (DPS damage but plus alpha). Target - to keep the price of graphite within 2.7-2.8k TP and be able to enter the DD in the beginning of the battle.

This feat has been successfully run-in PvE mode in a team with Logan-1 (with EMP), has shown good results in terms of working on small ships (ram our everything) and successfully resisted classmates quite a long time for the full utilization of the enemy waves.

In PvP he has shown excellent results, if not for my carelessness - I did not enhance the point after the capture, saving WPs for the early entry into the fight artillery ships, as a result of the enemy managed to wring them, and I was losing the initiative, being forced to beat back a point (which is guaranteed CAP spending 0.8 - 1.6k WP for 1-2 additional repair drones from a base point for intensified battle station, plus the enemy had time to fit a couple of frigates or cruisers)

About the further evolution of the fitting on.

To be continued…
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Re: [ENG] Eclipse fleet prewiev [0.1.34]

Postby diehard25 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:43 am

Continued ...

In the process of understanding the intricacies of tactical PvP battles in this remarkable play my favorite attack Prime-1 (in the above-fit) has undergone some evolutionary changes.

In particular, one of the boosters practically before the end of the Event I got a really Artillery Corps Pilgrim (with onboarded slots for 4x2 cannons).

Almost immediately there were tested conventional Gauss-gun (before ignominiously gathering dust in a warehouse, because there was no body, where they could stick) blaster guns (both conventional and EMP) and, with the opening of blueprints, reinforced Gauss-guns. Auto-Gauss I, unfortunately, never caught.
At the time of the opening of the housing was available to me a very broad range of modules and heavy armor, and a wide range of lasers (including ghosts)

So, PvP fit Pilgrim-2

As a result of painstaking analysis, it was decided to abandon the one-Logan 2 stead cap on the Pilgrim was raised from 2.7k to 3.6k in PvP roster includes 2 Pilgrim and the rest on points - a modified version of a support in the Eureka-thorn (it - somehow I talk separately). The result for the roster:

2 Logan-2 - 2 x 3.5k = 7k
3 Hope (HOPE) - 2 x 1k = 3k
2 Pilgrim-2 - 2 x 3.6k = 7.2k
1 Eureka a support - 1 x 2.5k = 2.5k

Total roster was 19.7k, that practically limit for quick PvP matches (in the future of the cap on points left, watch the news). 3rd hope appeared as a makeweight to points are not idle.

So, Pilgrim-2 in detail

The board slots have registered reinforced Gauss (after all, a distinct advantage in the alpha should be used to the full extent), the front slot - 2 phantom-laser (for beating in the melee), maximum engines, Jump Drive and Focus on target (subjectively - for Gauss it does not work, sadly ...). Armor and shields - to finish up in the doghouse 3.6k

The result was a versatile attack aircraft artillery spike, with armor under 4k, shields under 2.5k, reasonable speed and maneuverability (swirl Piligrimm hard even frigates) and the cost for the points under 3.6-3.7k

In some great PvP shown in the following tactics. It is introduced as the first art-ship, after a raider. By the 1st minute of the fight Pilgrim appear on the battlefield, and backlit raider can confidently confront the pressing point and one or more enemy ships. The most effective tactic of battle on this fite was frontline attack with variable-tack movement with wide amplitude (it is important to guess the amplitude so as to recharge the on-board guns completed by the time of hitting targets in the field of fire). A lot of micromanagement, but it's worth it)

The most effective this tactic is revealed in the confrontation enemy dreadnoughts, also great for a quick squeezing point (gain drifts of 4 shots, it's 30-35 seconds of fire when changeable tack movement)

During the break-in the fit, it was decided to split the role of DD. One pilgrim was in the role of an artillery attack aircraft, the second has changed in favor of the melee fight.

Second Assault feat Pilgrim

On the basis of the first open housing effective first line of attack has been established. The on-board battery has registered 2 spread-EMP-blaster (for efficient sawing boards in the melee). The front projection - medium pulsars within a quantity of 4 pcs. Jump Drive remained to it added another boarding module, maximum armor and shields with Target in 3k TP (that was a hope to use it as a raider).

In general, the first fight with Manny got on the run-in of the fitting, when I was able to in the latest attack to board its Logan and in the same opposition to cut another 4 his ship) In this form, fit lived up to end of the test, will not undergo major changes.

As a result, I want to note Universal housing Eclipse, this is especially evident in the branch DD. Virtually every body can be sharpened by any role, while at the Eclipse due to the universality of this can be traced most clearly.

Do not be afraid to experiment. That's what a test to try different options. Raider-DD enemy cause mild panic, plasma-web spamers - Lightweight rage, stealth boarding - uncontrolled aggression, artillery and gunboats - black envy)

For this point I will finish this long post) Ahead of the next stage of the test, where we provide (hopefully for a long time) a platform for new experiments.

Take courage, good luck to find a person who is not afraid of experiments) Never stop there)

All the best, good luck and success in the battle)

Best regards, Konstantin aka DIEHARD25

ps to meet on the battlefield) and let the luck will smile much)
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