Extremely Rich but also Bored

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Extremely Rich but also Bored

Postby dream3r » Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:14 pm

Hello SF guys, been awhile.

I wasn't able to participate in the last alpha test but I did manage to get on this one (after a several hour download :P) I'm going to list bugs and feedback below. They are listed together because at this point it is hard to tell what changes you made on purpose and which are bugs.

[Rich Bug]
The fleet I started with (Deprived if it matters) can only carry 26 resources according to the UI. But if I shift click on a resource from a colony I can grab up to 999 at a time and haul back 10,000's of ore back to base with only a minor speed penalty. Once I get back to base, which is likely right next to a colony, I sell the ore and gain 50,000+ credits. I've done this at least three times and my reputation is amongst the highest. Only topped by one person who likely also discovered this glitch.

[Ping and Crashes]
Now I could be recalling this incorrectly but I believe there were servers to choose from in the first alpha test, or in the least, less ping. Now I have anywhere between 250-900 ping and the game often freezes and/or crashes. I would say 80% of my playtime has been watching the game crash.

This was the highlight of the first alpha to me. However now on top of horrible ping this mode has become quite boring. Enemies often circle the map, not attacking you. Enemies seem to take a TON of damage compared to your own ships, even the small enemies, and overall there's just no excitement to the mode anymore. It used to be a constant struggle to keep an edge over the enemy. Now it's just spamming ships until the enemy is dead.

[Faction Wars]
I've yet to see another player and I can't seem to go to territories owned by enemy factions. Not sure what the point of the Faction Wars alpha is if there isn't actually any faction wars.

Overall I still have a lot of interest for the game but this alpha seems broken and should have been polished a lot more before release.

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Re: Extremely Rich but also Bored

Postby techmarine5 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:26 pm

The first point of yours wasn't a bug, but was intended. They mentioned it on a separate article.
As for your last, you have to use a warp get to get there. Not sure how else, but I think there should be another way. It also depends on when you get on.
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Re: Extremely Rich but also Bored

Postby relampago » Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:27 am

Hello Dream3r, nice to see you here again!

[Rich Bug] - we know that cargo has no limits atm, but decided to leave it as it is. Also, most numbers for IGC, Reputation and etc. were increased or reduced specifically for testing.

[Ping and Crashes] - there was only one server on all tests. Unfortunately, due to some server issues connected with new content, you could experinece lots of problems like freezes and crashes. It's all a subject to fix for the next test.

[Survival] - we are thinking of adding different difficulties here and redesign maps. Hopefully, this will help somehow.

[Faction Wars] - that's because they are connected through awful ways - there are ways, but they are veery difficult. We will add connections later, perhaps.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!
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