Getting stuck in a map with pirate station

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Getting stuck in a map with pirate station

Postby iludium » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:54 pm

i was out shooting pirates in a station ,

first red skull died without a problem ,

second red skull was defeated but they boarded two of my heaviest ships :((((which i then had to kill ,basically impossible since they boarded the best ships of the fleet in a VERY short time

AND THEN MY SHIPS split AND RAN :(((( also LOL
i chased one down with the 2 frigates i had left ,
now have 3 ships left , 2 are mine 1 is not (boarded)

something strange happened , i left the map with the 2 frigates under my control saying hey ill just try again ,

then i got stuck .. could not do a thing---- my boarded ship didn't leave the map or die so i couldn't leave
so i used the onscreen main menu button ,it pushed me out to main menu
resumed the discovery session and bam i was outside the station with pirates closing in , i ran to the nearest mothership with the loot .

off i go again :D more fun awaits
Just a Guy... :lol:

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Re: Getting stuck in a map with pirate station

Postby relampago » Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:30 am

Hey! Thank you for the feedback :)
Yes, there are some issues with boarded ships. We will fix it later ;)
I'm watching you!

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