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Initial impressions (October 2017 Pre-alpha)

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:34 am
by jimenc

Is this the place for feedback? The pre-alpha has started for a few days, but I don't see much posts.

This is my first alpha test of this game. I wasn't able to get the game running in previous tests. I should also point out that I'm using Wine (via PlayOnLinux) to play this game. I was surprised how well it is working. Of course, wine runs many 3D games well, so I shouldn't be that surprised.

First, I just like to say that this is a great game. This is the second game I played which had similar game mechanics. The other game has a major flaw in its monetization method, which made it not very enjoyable. There are other issues with it too. I'm not sure if the developers are interested in the list, so that you could avoid those pitfalls. Let me know. I really hope this game gets released soon.

So here are some initial feedback.

1. When you dock at the Mothership in galaxy mode, the "General Info" box has a typo. One of the "Connected" words is misspelled.
2. I accepted a quest and had trouble trying to complete it. So I abandoned it. I later found out how to complete it so I proceeded to try and accept the quest again. Unfortunately, the game doesn't do anything when a click the "Accept Quest" button. The button does the up/down animation, but it doesn't change to "Complete Quest" like before. Am I not allowed to re-accept a quest after abandoning it?
3. A lot of the asteroid fields say it is "Very Rich" of some resource. But when I explore it, there are hardly any. A few actually had no resources in the asteroid field at all.

These are the main issues I found so far. Note; I'm ignoring other problems like crashes and video/audio problems, since that may be with wine and not with the game itself. There are a few suggestions I would like to make at this time.

1. There are shortcut keys for many of the commands in combat, such as the z, x, c, etc. But the buttons at the lower left hand corner for Stop, Move, Rotate, etc., don't have a little box with the key name on it. Many of the buttons on the screen have a box with the key name on it. I haven't memorized all the shortcut keys yet, so having these boxes on the buttons would really help.
2. Is it possible to queue the rotate command with a move command? I know I can queue Move commands with the 'shift' key. Can I use "Shift-R" to have the ship face a certain direction at the end of the queue? The other game I mentioned uses 'right-mouse-click-and-drag' to do this command. Click on the location, then drag in the direction you want the ship to face. If Shift-R already does this, then never mind. :)
3. In the Move command, I want to click on the Mothership or Outpost/Battlestation as the destination. This will command the ship to move within a certain distance to the object. Currently, if I click in the mini-map, the ship just rams the object if I happen to clicked at the center of the object.
4. Add a command to maximize the minimap, so I can give an Attack/Move order without moving my main map viewport. I just want a bigger view of the entire map. No one gets dizzy moving the viewport back and forth so quickly?
5. Allow another method of moving the viewport besides moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. I have a 1920x1080 monitor, and I don't want to move the mouse across the screen just to shift the viewport slightly. Often times, when I try to box-select a bunch of ships and one of those ships is half way off the viewport, I accidentally shift the viewport in the process of selecting it. You don't have to get rid of this edge of viewport method. I just want another method in addition to this one.
6. In Galaxy Mode, can the asteroid information box show the amount of resources instead of just "Very Rich"? I don't see how it is fun to scroll around the solar map just to click on asteroid fields to find one with the resources you need. Especially when the solar system doesn't have the resource you're looking for, yet you wasted 5 minutes looking at each field. Maybe we could copy EVE Online and send out droids to search for the resources we need? Even better if those droids can go to another solar system.

That's it for now. I don't expect all these suggestions to be implemented. But I would really like to see #5 implemented, if I had to choose one. Thanks for reading.


Re: Initial impressions (October 2017 Pre-alpha)

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:08 am
by thebutcher
Hello there,I cant stop playing the game,for now I'll ad one thing of many I have but this is really bad one.
I did over 30 fights with pirates,nebulords and pyramid flts.Out of those 30 time 75% i got spawned eather in the middle of those same fleets and you cant do anything is just you don't know who is shooting who or I got spawned in the middle of asteroid field like half fleet on one side the other in other side.
This is one thing for now and ill post more gliches:)

Re: Initial impressions (October 2017 Pre-alpha)

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:56 am
by jimenc
Strange, I've never experienced that. Though I've only fought pirates and shreekers, or whatever they're called. Never tried attacking a nebulord. I'll try that...

Concerning spawn position, I know when I explore a sector, there is a count down before my ships spawn (warp in). During this time, I can left-click to the side of the spawn markers to shift them in the direction of the click. But this doesn't work with pirate encounters. When pirate combat begins, my ships have already spawned, and the pirates are already on their way to your position. There is no count down, so you don't get a chance to position your fleet like in a sector explore encounter.

Also, I noticed that based on what direction you engage the pirate in the galaxy map, that determines where you spawn your fleet. E.g. if you are moving from left to right and you engage the pirates horizontally, you would spawn at the left border. On the other hand, if you just sit idle and let the pirate attack you, then my fleet spawns in the middle of the map (ships facing up). The pirate fleet will always spawn from the hex border that they attacked you in the galaxy map.

Well, that's my experience. You might want to pay attention to these details, so you can control the behavior...


P.S. are you the one who named those Butcher stars? You know, theButcher, ButcherShop, etc. How do I name a star?

Re: Initial impressions (October 2017 Pre-alpha)

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:00 am
by relampago
Thanks a lot for the feedback! Yep, that's ok to post it here :)
I'll come back with some comments later ;)
P.S. are you the one who named those Butcher stars? You know, theButcher, ButcherShop, etc. How do I name a star?
Go to this start, open it's menu and on th top right corner you will see a button.

Re: Initial impressions (October 2017 Pre-alpha)

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:40 am
by relampago
Hello, and I am back here again with some comments :)

2 - Of course you should be able to re-accept it. Sounds like a bug
3 - The matter is just that we haven't added proper gradation here :(

Other issues:
2 - You sure can que it. Just push SHIFT+R
5 - Just use arrow keys ;)

Initial impressions October 2017 Pre alpha

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:46 pm
by francisdob
hi, im doing alpha beta in my search tree, and its works fine..except in some positions with alpha-beta cuting its finds positions with a good value, but if I dont do alpha-beta cuting thats sames moves are not so well valueds..
only happen in some positions..
so I dont know why could its be...maybe improve ordering moves?
I only have orderin first the killer moves and then all the others..

any idea?