Feedback after 3rd Test

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Feedback after 3rd Test

Postby narfi » Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:50 pm

Well, there is alot to discuss after this test. Sadly it was all overshadowed by connection and performance issues throughout the entire test window which did result in alot of missed testing for me.

Even though i did not change anything on my PC, i had alot of performance problems and serious FPS drops in the battles aswell as in the discovery map. During the 2nd test i could have my entire fleet of dreadnoughts out in survival and have the majority of them shooting at 10+ attacking enemy ships without any FPS problems. During this test i started to go low on FPS when only a handful of my starter ships with rockets got up against 2-3 AI ships with rockets.

Still needs alot of iprovements. Plenty of times i found myself wondering what will happen if i click here due to no hover over information of any kind. Some infos displayed were wrong (Costs shown under the upgrade station in discovery for example)
Some Module cards had no information about what they realy do (adaptive armor for example)

The new Warp station system had a rather big impact here and in my opinion a negative one. To have any meaningful ammount of Warp point income we are forced to upgrade the stations, but i didnt realy had much chance to actually defend these stations when the enemy spawned in that corner when my fleet did just finish the wave in another area. Which results in a rather luck based situation where ur effective income and supply depends to much on ur luck that the enemy fleets do not spawn in the corners where they instantly kill ur Warp stations. I hope u find a way to keep it challanging and engaging without the luck factor in it.

I love playing suvival modes, and dont mind them taking a while, but they shouldnt take long just because some AI ships act weird.
I had all kind of ships, frigates to dreadnoughts of the AI just flying around on the outsides or just parking somewhere forcing me to get there to finally get the next wave or wait about 3 minutes each time.

A few general ideas about it:
-Maybe scrap the Wave system and have enemy attack us constantly from diffrent directions.
-Maybe rework/offer other map options where we need to hold several objects but have to eventually retread from them one after another untill our final last stand at a mothership.
-Shorter/more intense survival modes with an actual way to win/survive for big reward. (This allows u to give players a new challange now and then to avoid the possible boredom of the current survival after doing it to often)
-If u wanna stick to the wave system and endless untill dead survival, make sure u reward players for reaching certain waves and/or give out ranking rewards frequently to give players a meaningful competition of who can survive longest.

-Discovery/Faction war
Well, first of all it has to run much more stable ofcourse.
-Ship movement should be increased a little and be affected by the detachment/ship types. A scout wing with only frigates should easily be able to fly circles around a squad of dreadnoughts.

-Economy was hard to judge due to the changes made for the testing and overall lower player base. But im still wondering if the Fleet cargo is big enough/the ore worth enough to justify delivering it once u enforce the cargo capacity more. I hope the next test will include the real values to get a better feel for it.

-There needs to be more to do with the Reputation a player earned.
(One little idea could be to allow the Trade of Map information after a certain faction level. It could allow those who like to explore to sell there map information in some way and those who dont to get them doing stuff they like more. But it shouldnt be a player to player trade, rather one sells the information to the faction and the faction sells it to other players in some way)

-Black Markets turned out to be rather disappointing. To few of them appeared, and navigating towards them turned out to be a real pain if u didnt knew the connections. Probably less of an issue in the later game when we will collect all that information over time. But during this test i only managed to get to a Black Market once due to pure luck that it suddently appeared in a system next to me while i was hunting for another one while getting frustrated that the systems just wouldnt connect to the systems close by.
They seemed to stay far away from any faction building aswell, which makes expanding towards them impossible.
I think there should be a few more of them and they should probably stay longer at one position, maybe only move if a faction gets to close with there patrols.

-War for Stations seemed alright but i didnt got around to test this much due to the mentioned connection problems. I didnt notice any Time limit for the overall attack on a station. Did i just miss it or is the only way to stop the attack to win all/enough of the battle areas?
The battles itself seemed to favor the attack aswell, or did u guys increase the warp point generation for the test?
In one of my test battles i was all alone attacking and even my starter fleet supported by a weak Dread was able to capture 4 points and win the map within 15 minutes. Add in a better fleet and a better player, and im sure u can reduce that to 10 minutes or less. (with i think 40 minutes total battle time available)
Which also means that in Theory, the attacking side only has to secure 2 points to eventually win the map. If we consider that the map has 11 points up for capture, and up to 5 players in the later stages. It just doesnt feel right that the attacker only needs to secure such a small fraction of the map/points to have a chance for victory.
Bottom line: im worried that it is to easy to attack and win.

I like the addition of the Faction based booster. But we should be able to buy those with Reputation aswell i think.
Im not sure if the Tech booster was working as i only got 2 ships and a weak weapon from the one i bought.
However, i think the specific boosters should tell us the loot they can have to make it easier for a player to decide if he wants to spend that much more money on those instead of the basic booster.

Its a nice tool but it is seriously lacking when it comes to the Ship information. It doesnt display the ships layout as far as i could see and lets be honest, that is one of, if not the most important information about the ships.

well thats it for now, if i think of more later on i will edit it in.

best regards

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Re: Feedback after 3rd Test

Postby relampago » Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:17 am

Thanks a lot for this feedback!

Here are just some notes to clarify several moments you mentioned:

- about cards info - we are in process of creating descriptions for all cards. Hopefully, more of them will have descriptions during the next test ;)
- survival - we will definitely do something to make it better - we are currently discussing several possible solutions.
- detachments - for sure, we will add bonuses according to detachment type. Here are some info about it (to be changed)
- about cargo - consider there will be detahcments specifically for transporting things in future and/or cargo bonuses for certain detachments.
- station attack does have a time limit, it just haven't showed up properly, sorry :( The number of WP to win also was significally reduced for this test - here are some info about it - but it still can be not final numbers.
- codex - yes, we are aware of it and, most likely, will add layouts to codex one day ;)
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Re: Feedback after 3rd Test

Postby narfi » Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:34 pm

thanks alot for ur reply. Im sure alot of what i mentioned was already on the to do list.

And good to know that theres actually a time limit on station attacks, would have been realy weird without one :)
Id also like to mention that from my experience, a 24/7 state of war might burn out the players. PvP should ofcourse be possible at all times (unless u inroduce some alliance system ofcourse) but actual war for territory might be better in a little more structured/event based system to allow the playerbase some rest in between aswell as focusing the action into a timeframe so that more ppl will try to be online for it.

Looking forward to see the full economy in one of the future tests. At this point its ofcourse more about testing if the mechanics work, but i cant wait to test the economy in a realistic setting with all the currently missing features and without any buffs for a quick test.

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