Racial Identity: Defensive Technologies

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Racial Identity: Defensive Technologies

Postby amunari » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:15 pm

I would like to dedicate this topic post to improvement of Starfall Tactics (SFT) Quality . This will be the start of a few posts that address quality related issues with SFT. This will be a long post, so please read carefully.

Major Issues (Summarized)

- To Many Options is a bad thing, Specifically/especially at the start
- Technologies & Racial Identity
- Defensive Systems
- Lack of Designed "growth meta" Is a significant issue for the quality of the game
- Item Shop Vs Tree Progression

Technologies and racial identity

When we look at games like Star Craft, there is a clear "feel" of difference between races in the game. In SFT We have a serious problem dealing with these issues. I move for changes in the racial system that will significantly improve racial identity and direction.

Before i get started i purposed a chance from grid system to a "click and select the item that fits the slot" system (see things like vega conflict for examples). In this post (viewtopic.php?f=30&t=427) i explained why this system was superior, especially when it came to balance and player uniqueness in builds.

Now lets talk about racial technology

Deprived has regenerative armor
Federation have High HP Armor
Eclipse Have High HP Shield
(if we follow logic, then the 4th race will have regenerative shielding, its likely the case since the only other options are more armor functions)

If we look at the best CAT (Closed alpha test) (Purr) we will see the following stats on battleships

Federation: 5k, 25k, 0-2k
Eclipse: 5k, 20k, 5k
Deprived: 5k, 25k, 2-5k

This tells us there is a serious problem with racial identity with shielding, and regenerative armor. To correct this problem i have a simple solution (Change the base equation that generates random designs (it seems to be there for those who did not notice it, the ship grid system seems to have a procedurally generated map creation system follow a set number of square logic)

With the grid system changed to module system above, the resolution to this defensive crisis is easy, and swift.

If we follow the "if statement logic"
If Armor HP Cannot be stacked in HP, than

- Eclipse will stack shield
- Eclipse will need a shield HP Buff
- Deprived Regeneration armor will have more value
- Deprived regeneration will need either 1) a base regeneration buff or 2) (Recommended) An out of combat regeneration buff (highly recommend this!)

Part 2: Defensive Technologies and how they work
In general:
Kinetic Negates Shields, but weak to armor
EM Is Weak to Shields, but strong to armor
Explosive is strong to armor

Since this is true, we find out that
- A balance (5k/10k/10k) is ideal
- We see players ignoring this and immediately changing to Spam HP (5k/20k/5k)

To resolve this problem we should change the logic to
- Shields have "Bleed" Application now. We can add a "faction buff" to ships, that will change the way the defensive technologies work.

If Deprived, Federation, Than Shields now bleed 25% Damage to Armor.
If Eclipse, than, Shields now block projectile damage (100%).
If Deprived, Armor regenerates at 2.5% Per second out of combat.
If Federation, Armor now reduces all damage by 15%

This will alter player build logic to

- Federation Stacks HP armor to optimize DR
- Deprived Stack Regeneration modules, to optimize on hit and run strategy
- Eclipse Stacks Shield HP To optimize HP with regeneration

if this is true, than

- Federation will excel at "Blunt force" Attacks
- Deprived will excel at hit and run tactics, especially cloak related technology
- Eclipse will provide the most longevity in battle.

Part 3 Control Mechanics

Mass and ship module slot will now be the "control resource" for builds.
Energy should be changed and work in a similar way to ammo, but for shields and energy weapons
Ammo will now have more longevity then current by having base ammo slots have a build in replenish feature. (They will reload ammo stocks after a set amount of time of being out of ammo (30 seconds).

Ships will follow a logic for "module slots" similar to as below: (additionally all modules will be worked into, small, medium, large).

Frigates will have
1-2 weapons slots (All small, or medium weapons)
1-2 General slots
1-2 Defensive slots
3 propulsion Slots
0-2 Ability slots

Larger size of ships will follow similar logic. as the ship gets larger, the modules slots will go up, and get larger. this means that larger ships will always have more tank, and damage, but will also be more likely to run out of energy/ammo.

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Re: Racial Identity: Defensive Technologies

Postby techmarine5 » Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:51 am

You referenced Vega Conflict as your example game. Have you looked at it recently? It is not only stagnant, but it is also severely punishing newer players. That is not a good game to be mimicking, and it was my example for why the module system is more limiting.

I do like your first and second ideas, especially as it has been mentioned that The Deprived don't currently have a place.

I personally like the current energy/ammo system. I get that it may not appeal to everyone, but I think that a complete overhaul of it would be more time and effort than it would be worth to the developers.
We may not be able to predict the future, but we can certainly create it.

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Re: Racial Identity: Defensive Technologies

Postby techmarine5 » Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:56 am

I do also agree that having more options at the beginning is the worth thing to do. In any long term game(I'm going to use Magic: the Gathering just because it fits my point), you should start with something that works, then be given more and more as time goes on, and be allowed to experiment more and more. Basically, it's the difference between buying a starter deck, and being shown the entire list of cards ever printed, and being told "make a deck". That results in extremely fast player burnout, and I think you guys have avoided it quite well so far. I might make it so that players would only face people within a certain range of them. For example, you might make it so that if you don't have a BC in your fleet, you would be paired up against someone without a BC in their fleet.
We may not be able to predict the future, but we can certainly create it.

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