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its just a wish: carrier as a extra Typ in all Classes with much more fitting options!

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:13 am
by dread2005
Well i love Carrier's in any game! And the most in Space games.

So i would love to see some extension in carrier usage :

Do a carrier for any Shipclass from Battlecruiser and Higher (similar to the transporter types for each class)

Do much more Fighter/Bomber Equipment, like those:

ECM Drones
Shield Leak Drones
Sniper Drones (some not or slow moving guardian like tower drones...)
Kamikaze Drones (raming with very small fast ships.... ;-P)
Reaper Drones (they dock to the ships hull and eat up the armor)
Sensor Drones (mega vision rangeimprovement, patroling around all your fleets ships)
Weapon Marker Drones (if taged by those drones, damage and hit/crit of friendly is increased)

and and and

i Think you get my point!!

would be happy to see some smaller Carriers, like Support carrier, which only can carrier some support Drones, or only the smallest fighter crafts

fleet carrier, which can carrier 1 or 2 common fighter/bombers

and well the big super carrier, which is already in the game, that maybe can carrier or repair "friagte" sized ships at the battlefield! and additionally carrier 1-3 bomber/figther

Update and Clearifiaction of my Idea

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:35 am
by dread2005
before you complain the above

yes there are already some of the fittings i mentioned as "modules" ingame

so i see 2 ways, to get my wish done ingame!

rework the carrier and existing fighter/bomber fitting by:

A) Fighter and bomber are Modules as well, and the Carrier class has no or very tiny space for Weapons and engineer, but a really huge space for modules!! so very big well something to fit 4 - 6 modules at least 2 of the biggest modules inside

to give a more carrier like feeling, and lesser micro management make fighter/bomber/drone Modules self triggering (toggel by rightclick on the icon of the module or something like this)

B) Fighter/bomber and drones or any other Carrier like equipment work more automatic

like all this tiny craft launch out of the carrier after the warp into a combat zone, and than patrol/attack or do anthing good autofocusing targets, if you press the weapon shortcut of this spezial fitting you can select targets with mouse

Re: its just a wish: carrier as a extra Typ in all Classes with much more fitting options!

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:07 am
by relampago
Hello and thanks a lot for the feedback and suggestions!:) We will see what we can do for carriers - however, I can't promise that it happens anytime soon.