Short tutorials and useful hotkeys[EN]

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Short tutorials and useful hotkeys[EN]

Postby relampago » Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:05 am

Short battle tutorial:
  • As soon as the battle begins, push "Tab" (Warp Menu) in PvE and PvP quick matches - it shows all ships you got in your fleet. Choose available ship (card shouldn't be grey) and draw a line near your Mothership (huge immovable ship which appears as the battle begins) to make it appear on the battlefield (hold left mouse button to draw).
  • Always try to capture control points (beacons) in PvE and PvP quick matches - it gives you additional points for getting your ships into the battlefield and use of Active Abilities.
  • Your Mothership has two additional features: your ships can restore ammo if they stay near it and are not under attack. Also, when you get 800 Warp Points, you can Repair your ships. To do so, choose your Mothership by clicking on it and then push a small icon in a form of a wrench in the bottom right corner of the screen and click on a ship you want fixed up - a repair drone will fly out from the Mothership.
  • Useful hotkeys: ‘S’ - order a ship to stop, ‘R’ - order a ship to turn, Arrow Keys - move you camera, ‘Shift’ - hold this button to add orders to the que (e.g. while creating a route for a ship). Ctrl+1 (2,3…) - creates a group from chosen ships. Double pressing a button with a corresponding number will choose this group and center your camera on it. Alt - shows effective attack zone for selected ships. A - order your ship to attack and chase all enemies on the way to target location.
  • GG - if you want to surrender during quick PvE or PvP matches, open the Chat (press ‘Enter’) and write “GG” without quote marks. The game will end immediatly with you defeated.
Short fleet editor tutorial:
  • To a particular Fleet you can only add ships of the Fraction you have chosen. However, you can create several Fleets, with different Fractions.
  • Every bay in a ship is designed for certain types of modules. Weapon bays - for weapons of corresponding type (can be identified with the help of special icon), Engine bay - for engines, Engineering bay - for shields and special modules. Ammo and armor can be placed into every bay.
  • Most modules have a capacity parameter which is very important for ship customization: energy consumption of all modules of the ship can not exceed the capacity of the ship.
  • TP - Tech Points. Every ship and module has a TP cost - it determines how much resource you will need to spend to Warp this ship into battle. Maximum TP cost is unlimited.
  • Ship characteristics: Structure - internal ship systems, it’s ‘vitals’, Armor - most effective defense against physical type of damage, Shield - protects against energy type of damage, Shield regen - the amount of recoverable shield "hit points" per second, Damage per second (DPS) - average damage of all weapons per second, Per burst - damage of one volley from all weapons, Max range - maximum range for firing, Maximum speed - maximum speed that the ship can achieve, Angular speed - turn speed, Mass - mass of the ship with all modules, influences power required for quick acceleration and good angular speed.
Short Discovery Mode tutorial:
  • Fuel - while travelling across the Galaxy you will spend fuel. Use Fuel Depots to refill.
  • Repair station - here you can repair damaged ships. Destroyed ships can't be repaired here.
  • Mothership - exit point for Discovery mode - allows you to fully recover your fleet, including destroyed ships, and take away all the loot you have collected.
  • Loot and inventory - while travelling accross the Galaxy there are some ways to get modules, blueprints and resources. They are stocked into fleet inventory and can drop out when your ship gets destroyed. To protect it from dropping and to permanently add it to your accaunt's inventory you will need to end your journey in Discovery mode with the help of your Faction's Mothership.
  • Planets and stars - you can explore each planet and star, become a discoverer and name it!
  • Pirates - while travelling accross the Galaxy you can meet pirate fleets - they attack everybody in their vision range and can drop valuable modules and blueprints.
  • To leave the battle in Discovery Mode you will need to withdrow all ships from the battlefield (this requires that each ship crosses the border of the map) or lose all ships.
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